SW Garden Festival:  Master Gardeners answering garden questions at the Plant Health Clinic during the Garden Festival.

The Master Gardener

 What is a Master Gardener? 

 A Master Gardener is an Extension horticulture or garden volunteer  working  with the Parish Extension Service horticulture program.  

 A Master Gardener receives  50 hours of classroom training in general      horticulture in return for 50 hours of volunteer time.  The volunteer time is   spent in support of the Parish Extension Horticulture Program.  It is a  wonderful opportunity for individuals that are truly interested in gardening  and sharing knowledge and experiences with others! 

 The horticulture program and Master Gardener Volunteers are under the  management and direction of the LSU Extension Horticulturist, Robert M.  Turley, Lake Charles, Calcasieu Parish, Louisiana.